La Scoperta

After having tried many techniques and methods, aimed to strengthen on a long-term the vegetation and hence reduce our curative interventions, we ended up finding the perfect match: Effective Microorganism (EM).

 In 1985 a Japanese university professor named Teruo Higa decided to try re-create the perfectly balanced and natural “microorganism” colture known to be existed in the soil before the human kind. Soon, he succeeded managing to group up 5 different strains and make them co-exist; the substance deriving from this co-existance was a mix of microorganism onto which we started experimenting.

We started using and testing them in different situations and after realising their incredible potential we also learnt on how to activate them to start our own production.

After a mix of successes and non-, pretty much standards for the process of testing, we managed to find a stable formula able to keep the quality and functionality of the substance even on a long-term period.

This substance is nowadays known as NAMI, which translated from Japanese means WAVE. We decided to choose this name because, similarly to a wave, our product is simple, pure but yet perfect at bringing information throughout nature.


The useful microorganisms present in nature which help us create a necessary synergy.

By using them in your home as a replacement for the majority of the common detergents, you will be able to clean more better and more efficiently at no cost for your health.

When used in your garden, pots or fields these micro-organism become exceptional bio-activator, able to boost life and strength of plants and flowers.